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The definition of success varies among us, and we are always excited to hear the story about it! This is the reason we initiated IABCheers! – a program by IABC Indonesia Chapter to appreciate the hard work of our community and celebrate success together, even if it’s a small accomplishment.


Special sharing by Irma Erinda, HR Country Lead, Mondelez Indonesia on career path finder.

The kick-off of the IABCheers! 2023 was held via zoom on Tuesday, 31 January 2023, as one of our Q1 Programs to celebrate success in 2022. Themed “Maximizing Your Career in 2023”, we invited Irma Erinda – HR Country Lead, Mondelez Indonesia, to share insight on surviving at work in 2023. The session was attended by members of IABC Indonesia, Board Members, and other business communicators.


Irma mentioned some other tips on building resilience to tackle challenges in 2023.

In this session, we discussed what we must prepare to face 2023 and what mindset we must have to achieve our goals. The participants exchanged experiences of coping with difficult times and sharing their achievements.

For you who haven’t had a chance to join IABCheers!, hope to see you on the same program in Q2.


Our participants’ happy faces in celebrating success.

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