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Let's join the PR and Communication community with
extensive network in 100 countries, which has 100 chapters,
8,000 members, 600 volunteer leaders from 8 world regions,
and access to 1,000 knowledge resources.

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Source of Information

The world's PR and Communications leaders form
the IABC community with opportunities to network across continents,
share useful knowledge, and long-term friendships.

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Professional Development

Achieve professional development, recognition, and opportunities
to explore knowledge that can enhance your career and provide
the added value needed to achieve success.

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Welcome to IABC Indonesia

IABC Indonesia is a part of the IABC global network as the only one that connects PR and Communication professionals with the insights they need to achieve business goals.

IABC Indonesia Team

IABC Indonesia

IABC Indonesia Chapter is a non-profit association for communication practitioners and professionals to unite professional disciplines on a global scale, and share innovative best practices through experience, networking and education.

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IABC Academy

The IABC Academy delivers strategic communication education and training, to help communication professionals advance in their careers and generate tangible business results for their organizations and clients.

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IABC members get a variety of benefits and added value, in terms of knowledge, insight, career opportunities, and global networking.

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Communication Professional Certifications

Professional certifications give you the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise and provide evidence of your outstanding abilities.

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IABC Indonesia Conference Towards 2023: Communicating for Impact

IABC Indonesia Conference focuses on discussions on sustainability, particularly ESG, DEI, technological advances, and investment.

IABC Fall Mentorship: Level Up and Navigate Your Career Journey

After the success of conducting the Summer Mentorship Program from July to September 2022, IABC Indonesia Chapter continues the program with a new batch of Fall Mentorship from October to December 2022.

The History of Public Relations Started in The US in 1900

Public Relations is one of the oldest professions in world history. The modern history of public relations begins in the mid 1800 with a circus manager and entertainer called Barnum. It is said that Barnum was such a Master of Publicity and a Master of Showmanship, he promoted a European singer named Jenny Lind so successfully in the United States. Before she landed on the shores of America, she was a huge star selling out a stadium and nobody had even heard her sing a single note.

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