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JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO – Environmental issues are one of the themes of concern at the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) Indonesia Conference, which took place in Jakarta Tuesday (6/12/2022).

Moreover, awareness of the importance of protecting the environment in society has grown along with the increasing circulation of information about environmental sustainability. The discussion on nature conservation efforts was also one of the main topics at the G20 Summit in Bali last November.

For example, using electric vehicles as the primary mode of transportation for world leaders is a form of concrete action from the Indonesian government’s commitment to supporting zero-emission efforts.

This sustainability action is expected to be carried out by the government and the private sector. One of them is done by The Body Shop Indonesia. Suzy Hutomo, Executive Chairperson & Owner of Body Shop Indonesia, a speaker at the IABC Indonesia conference that day, said that the company’s commitment to maintaining environmental sustainability would impact business sustainability.

The commitment of a global manufacturing and retail company inspired by nature and producing beauty and cosmetic products is realized by inviting consumers to collect their used product packaging and send it to the nearest The Body Shop store for recycling. In 2022, this program will be able to collect 1 million used bottles. The bottle was then transformed into the first beauty shop in Indonesia made from waste.

uzy said The Body Shop is not just a shop but also a means of communication for the community to make positive changes. This value is the basis for the company to consistently carry out and communicate nature conservation to their consumers.

In line with The Body Shop, Telkomsel also did the same thing. Corporations are committed to controlling their product packaging waste by recycling SIM card shell waste through the Telkomsel Jaga Bumi program. According to Saki H. Bramono, Vice President of Corporate Communications at Telkomsel, cellular operators in Indonesia produce at least 200 million SIM cards yearly.

Furthermore, the results of this recycling will be converted into valuable products one paving block to be used along the mangrove forest area in Bali. Telkomsel also prioritizes efforts so that this program can create a circular economy. For example, recycling in the form of phone holders will be distributed back to the outlet where the trash is collected.

Interactive Communication
The company’s efforts to protect the environment must be communicated to the audience to spread the sustainability message. According to WIR Group Content Director Primo Riski, the metaverse can allow communicators/public relations actors to communicate organizational values to their audiences through a more interactive and immersive platform.

Apart from being environmentally friendly, metaverse can be a one-stop solution for the audience. In particular, in helping them learn about and obtain information about, including organizational commitment.

According to Adrian Cropley, founder of the Center for Strategic Communication Excellence, organizations must communicate a commitment to change for the better. This method can assist the organization in building its image and brand positioning in the eyes of the public or its audience.

By communicating organizational values, trust will be built. This trust then creates credibility. However, Cropley underlined that this credibility could easily be destroyed if the organization is not wise in using the platform or issues false statements. “Therefore, organizations need to ensure that the audience has a good experience in receiving information and absorbing the value messages conveyed by the organization,” he said.


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