International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) – Indonesia Chapter is a non-profit association for communication practitioners and professionals, including Public Relations, Corporate Affairs, Business Communicators, Corporate Social Responsibility/Sustainability, and Government Relations to unite professional disciplines on a global scale, and share innovative best practices through experience, networking and education.

IABC has been around for over 50 years, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, United States of America. As the world’s largest community in the field of Public Relations (PR) and communications, IABC membership has around 100 chapters, 8,000 members, and 600 volunteer leaders representing regions and countries in various parts of the world, including Indonesia.

Benefits of Being an IABC Member


The IABC serves professionals in business communications and brings together the profession’s collective disciplines. We have Global Standards in communication and offer a wide range of activities focused on education, certification, award programs, libraries, online magazines, and World Conferences that set the direction of global communication trends.

We support our community of business communication professionals with innovative thinking, shared best practices, deep learning, and career guidance.

IABC Indonesia Team

Career Levels of the Communication Profession

  • When starting a professional career, PR practitioners begin to develop initial knowledge, skills, and behavior by referring to the principles of the Global Standards.
  • Professionals at this foundation stage contribute under a more senior person’s relatively close supervision and direction, exercising initiative and creativity in well-structured areas.
  • These early-career professionals master basic tasks and demonstrate competence in communication strategies or campaigns.
  • At this level, communication professionals can choose whether they want to pursue a career as a Specialist or focus on a multi-disciplinary (Generalist). Both provide opportunities for a more strategic approach and a deeper understanding of the goals and principles of the Global Standards.
  • Generalist/Specialist leads project or client engagement independently, developing credibility with stakeholders while building relationships related to areas of interest.
  • Many professionals choose to work in either a Generalist or Specialist role in the same or multiple organizations during their careers.
  • Through consistent principles, the Strategic Advisor assumes increased stakeholder responsibilities, project and business management roles, and financial administration. Strategic Advisor provides strategic communication advice to organizational leaders.
  • Strategic Advisor jobs become interdependent, taking responsibility for tasks other than their own and developing other leaders with communication responsibilities within the organization.
  • These professionals possess strong leadership skills, a broad business perspective, and diverse expertise, exploring a wide range of communication techniques in various disciplines.
  • A Business Leader plays a vital role in shaping the organization’s future by advocating for leaders, determining strategic programs, and conveying ideas that align with the organization’s direction. They lead the application of the principles in their organizations and hold leadership accountable.
  • They have developed competence in several areas and are well-regarded in their profession, often operating in global, national, or regional roles. They effectively represent the organization on critical strategic issues and contribute to advocacy, coaching, and assisting divisions at other senior executive levels.
  • Business Leaders are adept at identifying new business opportunities, motivating purchases, and securing resources through well-articulated and clear strategies. They effectively represent the organization on critical strategic issues.

The Six Principles of the Communication Profession

Communication professionals adopt the highest standards of professional behavior.

Acting as the organization’s voice, a communication professional expresses a single, consistent story for internal and external audiences.

The communication professional is sophisticated about the organization’s internal culture and external environment.

Communication professionals research and evaluate how to serve and promote the organization most effectively and then offer recommendations supported by direct and secondary evidence.

With rigor and discipline, a communication professional identifies opportunities and challenges both inside and outside of the organization.

A communication professional identifies and communicates with employees, customers, shareholders, regulators, government agencies and other groups with an interest in the organization’s activities.

Why Join IABC

IABC provides a wide range of benefits for professionals; whether you are a corporate communicator, independent consultant, business owner, academic, or student, IABC has the resources, connections, and learning opportunities you need to succeed in business and advance your career. Here are some of the activities we do regularly:


Held in the form of a seminar, this event invites participants to dialogue, discuss, and interact on a particular topic by prioritizing the principle of open-minded and open-ended discussion, sharpening critical thinking, and spawning new insights (insightful).


At IABC, mentoring or mentorship provides added value for someone to be able to advance and develop in their professional career. We hold a mentorship program every quarter for those who have just graduated, are in the early stages of work and are in their mid-career stage. The mentors presented are figures who have proven successful in their fields with more than 20 years of work experience.


The IABC values ​​hard work and effort to succeed, balanced by networking and casual chats between activities. Celebrating success is a culture we carry, where every achievement, no matter how small, should be grateful for and celebrated.

Annual IABC Indonesia Conference

IABC Indonesia held a conference, which consisted of a plenary talk presenting keynote speakers, panel discussions, and workshop classes to improve skills and capabilities as a communicator. The selected resource persons are a combination of national, Asia Pacific, and global levels.

Thought Leadership Talk

Online and offline, IABC Indonesia initiates conversations with leaders in various fields, which discuss critical issues that the business community should understand.


Selected Information Service

Websites with Wide Coverage Content
Our website provides insightful information, whether the IABC Indonesia, Asia Pacific, or the global site at headquarters. The scope of data includes case studies and the latest trends in videos, webinars, magazines, and podcasts.

Volunteer, Sharpen Leadership
As an IABC volunteer, you develop various valuable skills, including leadership and project management. Volunteering also provides the opportunity to contribute to the profession, and the PR community, make new friends and shape your career.

Accreditation and Certification
IABC and its branches worldwide respect and highly value the Accreditation program, formerly known as ABC (Accredited Business Communicator). In 2015, the IABC launched a new certification program. Information about the certification program can be found by visiting this link. For certification questions, contact: