IABC members get various benefits and added value in knowledge, insight, career opportunities, and global networking.
Members enjoy exclusive benefits, including:

  • Connections at local and global levels through events, interactive online conversations on The Hub platform, and free resources from the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management;
  • Leadership Mindset through free access to Catalyst media – weekly member publications on innovation, business acumen and trends, and specially curated educational offerings;
  • Leadership Opportunities at the global level by being a judge and mentor at the Gold Quill Award communication competition to appreciate and appreciate excellence in communication, as well as mentoring/providing mentors for other professionals;
  • Career Development Resources to advance through the IABC career roadmap for communication professionals and evaluate new opportunities through the Job Center.

Furthermore, IABC members receive discounted rates on various events and career development programs, including World Conferences, Gold Quill Awards, and global certifications.

In addition to special benefits, IABC members get a variety of benefits and unique added values ​​only from the IABC community, namely having the opportunity to network with the Shared Interest Group (SIG) community, the opportunity to diversify your perspective and challenge the status quo, collaborate on local projects or global initiatives. , share ideas, and advance the profession collectively.

This combination of benefits and added value has been the basis of IABC for over 50 years, serving tens of thousands of current and former members in various parts of the world, including Indonesia.

We hope you will take part in creating the future of IABC!