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IABC Leaders Discussion with Top PR Leaders and Practitioners

IABC Indonesia held a limited discussion on “Optimising Communications and Public Relations for the Advancement of Business Growth in Indonesia” which was attended by senior leaders and practitioners from various fields in Indonesia.

The Power of Danone’s Storytelling to Uplift Sustainability

Danone Indonesia, as one of the leading food and beverage companies, contributes to implementing Sustainability.

Sustainability Goals PZ Cussons: For Everyone, For Life, For Good

PZ Cussons, a multinational Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) company with various leading brands in three core categories: Hygiene, Baby, and Beauty, is committed to implementing Sustainability as a foundation in all its activities.

4 Steps of Pertamina’s ESG Public Communication Strategy

As a leading energy state-owned enterprise, Pertamina is committed to providing power and developing new and renewable energy to support national energy independence.

Learning the Sustainability Journey of BCA

As one of eight ESG Star Listed Companies on the Indonesian Stock Exchange, Bank Central Asia (BCA), has carried out various concrete actions related to sustainability, especially in terms of Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG).

IABCheers!: Maximizing Your Career in 2023 Despite of Challenging Times

The definition of success varies among us, and we are always excited to hear the story about it! This is the reason we initiated IABCheers! – a program by IABC Indonesia Chapter to appreciate the hard work of our community and celebrate success together, even if it’s a small accomplishment.

IABC Indonesia Conference Towards 2023: Communicating for Impact

IABC Indonesia Conference focuses on discussions on sustainability, particularly ESG, DEI, technological advances, and investment.

IABC Fall Mentorship: Level Up and Navigate Your Career Journey

After the success of conducting the Summer Mentorship Program from July to September 2022, IABC Indonesia Chapter continues the program with a new batch of Fall Mentorship from October to December 2022.

The History of Public Relations Started in The US in 1900

Public Relations is one of the oldest professions in world history. The modern history of public relations begins in the mid 1800 with a circus manager and entertainer called Barnum. It is said that Barnum was such a Master of Publicity and a Master of Showmanship, he promoted a European singer named Jenny Lind so successfully in the United States. Before she landed on the shores of America, she was a huge star selling out a stadium and nobody had even heard her sing a single note.

Membangun Dialog Publik di Platform Jaringan Sosial

What’s on your to-do list today? I’ll wager that “building workplace civility” doesn’t appear on that list—but it’s something that all leaders should be investing in daily.