The international professional certifications of CMP® (Communication Management Professional) and SCMP® (Strategic Communication Management Professional) allow you to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise and provide evidence of your outstanding communication skills. They engage you in a long-term learning process that enhances your career and provides a structure to keep your skills relevant and contextual.

Communication Professional Certification
The Global Communication Certification Council (GCCC), a team of communications professionals formed by the IABC’s international executive board, has developed the two certifications: CMP® and SCMP®.

The CMP® Certification – Communications Management Profession is aimed at the generalist/specialist level, an intermediate stage in developing communication professionals, for those with 6-8 years of experience in the communications field.

The SCMP® Certification – Strategic Communications Management Professional, is aimed at senior-level, higher-level stages in a professional communications career for those with 8-11 years of experience and up.

CMP® and SCMP® certifications accept applications on a rolling basis. Learn More.