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We’re delighted and humbled to have the KVB at the IABC Indonesia Conference.

KVB is a Southeast Asia content and communications company, helping corporation and startups clients simplify their works through KVB ecosystem that optimizes strategy, creativity and technology on multi-platforms like Public Relations, automation in self-service PR in our Voice of Startups, digital content and freelancer plartform (marketplace). KVB is Kultur.Voice.Business , located in Indonesia with a vision is to drive inclusive growth and sustainability.

“KVB is delighted to participate as the Knowledge Partner of IABC Conference Towards 2023: Communicating for lmpact. We feel there is an increase on understanding of the role of the PR consulting industry, PR as profession, and PR skills in creating impactful communications for corporate and startups. We hope IABC Indonesia Chapter will continue to educate about impactful communication or a more meaningful communications”, said Dian Noeh, Founder & CEO KVB, also Director of International Relations of IABC Indonesia.