Welcome to IABC Indonesia

February 16, 2020

Benefits & Fees

Five great reasons to join and participate in your Indonesia Chapter

Once you join IABC, you immediately gain access to a wide variety of services designed to enhance your professional development and your role as a communicator. Many of these services are included in your annual membership dues, but some cost extra. All services are designed to help you become a more effective and successful communications professional.

Here are our five reasons for joining IABC, let us know if you have more.

1. Professional Development Programs
Offered either as morning, luncheon or evening events, these sessions help you to improve communication skills and bring you up to date on the latest industry issues. They are also a great opportunity to build relationships with a strong network of communicators and are designed to improve your communication skills and knowledge on a wide range of topics. Professional development events are held throughout the year. Here’s a snap shot of previous professional development events, we’d love to see you at future events!

2. Networking drinks / #After5
These evening events are offered in a casual setting to encourage networking and meeting other communicators. They provide a fun and informal way to make new friends, meet other professionals and expand your network. Professional development events are held regularly throughout the year. Keep an eye on the events section of our website for out next informal gathering.

3. Website and resources
IABC Indonesia’s website includes information about the chapter and IABC World Headquarters, the latest “news you can use,” resources including CW, case studies, videos and podcasts

4. Volunteer Opportunities
As an IABC volunteer, you develop a range of valuable skills, including leadership and project management. Volunteering also provides the opportunity to give something back to the profession or community, make new friends and shape your career.

5. Accreditation and Certification
IABC and its chapters around the world honours and highly values its past Accreditation program and the ABC (Accredited Business Communicator) designation. In 2015, IABC launched its new Certification program. Information on the Certification program can be found by going to http://www.iabc.com/professional-development/certification/. For questions about certification, contact: GCCC@iabc.com.